Thursday, September 11, 2014

Adapting to Change or a Redundant Profession?

Adapting to change at any time in ones career is challenging but trying to adapt to change in ones profession at the end of a career is even more challenging.

During our careers we adapt to structural change, organizational change, government change, technological change and even the loss of wonderful colleagues.

Adapting  to changes in ones calling or ones profession is something else. When one is made to feel a profession may be redundant ( no longer needed or useful; superfluous) it is very hard to accept.

Wellness Model

How does a profession become redundant?

Is it because it did not adapt to the environment surrounding it?
- the political environment
- the shifting funding envelopes
- reduced funding overall
- the shifting community environment
- the terminology of the day
- the pressures on educational institutions
- technological advancements

Is it because its founding principles are no longer valid in today's society?
Is it because of a lack of vision? 
Is it because of a lack of leadership? 
It is because of a lack of a statistical  profile?
  • Number of jobs, Value of infrastructure, family spending patterns, number of volunteers, park acreage, etc etc
It is because it didn't use the information available to aid in decision making?
Is it because of a lack of research?
Is it because of an inability to create a common agenda with competing agendas?
  • Recreation, Sport, Active Living, Physical Activity, Wellness
Is it because of an inability to collaborate with competing initiatives?

Is it because of a lack of political awareness & visibility?

Is it because its history was lost along the way? (teaching of the past was not passed on)
(Inuit oral history is very exacting as we found out with the discovery of one of the Franklin ships 2014; not sure the written or oral history of our profession is accurately passed on)

When standing at the crest of  the hill of ones career answering all those questions is quite overwhelming.

Will the meetings in Toronto November 17th & 18th on the National Recreation Framework breathe new life & energy into the recreation profession or pronounce it as officially redundant?

I will be very disappointed if it is the latter but historians will answer the questions and assess value based on the facts they are presented with on what recreation contributed to individuals, communities, institutions, provinces and our country over the last 100 plus years and how it addressed the challenges cited above.

Recreation Connections

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Recreation Visibility In Canada (Provincial Governments)

Where to find Recreation in Provincial & Territorial Governments (September 4, 2014)

British Columbia
Community, Sport and Cultural Development

Community Services

Tourism, Parks and Recreation

Municipal & Community Affairs

Parks, Culture & Sport


Tourism, Culture, Heritage, Sport and Consumer Protection

Tourism, Culture & sport


Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports (Quebec )

New Brunswick

Healthy and Inclusive Communities

Nova Scotia
Health and Wellness

Prince Edward Island
Health and Wellness

Newfoundland Labrador
Tourism, Culture and Recreation

and Government Services

Monday, September 1, 2014

Trapped in Transition

I feel sorry for the generation swooping in behind the Boomers because they are trapped by the Boomer expectations of keeping up, keeping ahead and struggling with the new technologies. Boomer Executives want to be "in the know", on top of everything, in-front of everything and to do this many are emailing and texting in the middle of the night.

Sadly they pass on their anxieties by expecting the underlings to be there answering their emails, texts and voicemail messages at these ungodly hours.

The underlings are trapped!! "Respond or I'll find someone who will!"

The underlings are the ones sent to hear expensive motivational speakers, technology & content experts. You can see the underlings heads down looking at their smartphones in their laps responding to Executive queries.....again & again & again.

Technology is playing into the hands of an Executive group who 40 years earlier were happy with three day turn around on questions. Technology has put its foot on the expectation accelerator.

The new generation of managers and their underlings must learn new techniques for coping or their careers will be shortened by mental or physical breakdowns.

All of this was predicted. Can a new generation find a solution?

Technology Traps by Peter Crabb 10 November 2008 

Ways to keep the accelerator pushed to the floor
The Smartphone Solution: How to Organize Your ADHD or LD Life 

A Rising Trend in Students – Nomophobia
A Rising Trend in Students – Nomophobia

A Rising Trend in Students – Nomophobia

A Rising Trend in Students – Nomophobia

A Rising Trend in Students – Nomophobia

A Rising Trend in Students – Nomophobia